Hilary Skunda

Administrative Assistant, Program

Hilary Skunda joined the Families Flourish team in November 2023 to help with administrative responsibilities part-time. Hilary started off her career working at a major retailer’s corporate headquarters in International Logistics, working with teams from around the globe. Her responsibilities included bids, analytics, project management and more. Hilary decided she wanted her career to include helping others and leaving the world a better place and so she opted for a change. She became an English as a Second Language teacher, teaching and working with families from diverse linguistic and ethnic background. Hilary is passionate about people and ensuring that all people have dignity, respect, and what they need to thrive. She has a BA in French and a BS in International Business from the University of Colorado Denver. When she’s not working with Families Flourish, Hilary also runs a small real estate and hospitality business with her husband.