Our Program


Families Flourish is a new and innovative program unique in the United States and created in Central Ohio.

The program improves life outcomes for children and their families by creating opportunities for residential and financial stability. Families Flourish’s strategy is to foster inclusivity, equality and opportunity throughout the region by providing 3 years of  rental support to enable parents in low-wage jobs to have access to existing rental housing, together with comprehensive life coaching.

Research has shown that coaching builds resiliency. Families Flourish, with OSU’s assistance, created a life coaching model which addresses trauma, helps people learn to navigate systems to solve problems and improve their lives, and avoid eviction. The coaching revolves around four key pillars so families with children thrive and prosper:

Catapult to Change: Living in a Better Atmosphere

Catapult to Change: Healthier Today, Healthier Tomorrow

Families Flourish Coach Tina Diggs

Our Families Achieve

Housing Stability

Mobility, moving to a new neighborhood and tenant responsibilities.​

Financial Capability​
Stability and eviction prevention.​
Improved Health Outcomes​

Reduce toxic stress to improve physical and mental health.

Education/Career Goals​

Empowering parents to navigate their child’s school and coaching for parent’s career growth.

Stability Enables Growth

Once parents are able to reduce their toxic stress, they begin to fully engage
with the coaching and gain confidence to set and achieve their goals.

Reduce stress for parent.

Physical health improvements for children

Parent able to engage with coaching and plan for the future.

Engagement with coaching deepens (financial literacy, wellness, etc…)

Mental health improvements for children and parents.

Economic outcomes improve for parent.

Children’s socio-emotional health improves.

Children more engaged in school.

Additional school resources benefit children’s academic growth.

Parent more economically resilient and participating in enterprising activities.

Children’s academic outcomes improve.


Angela Stoller-Zervas, MSW, LSW, Director of Family Center Programs, YWCA Family Center
We see the face of homelessness every day and know how important a quality, affordable home in a safe neighborhood is to both children and adults in our community.  We also know the importance of a strong support network that  helps ensure family stability no matter the circumstances life presents. The Families Flourish Demonstration program will discover more about the keys needed for low-income families to benefit from both and prosper.
Dr. Patricia T. Gabbe, MD MPH Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital; Founder, Moms2B a Community Program to support pregnant women and reduce disparities in infant mortality.
At our Moms2B program every week we see women hoping to have a healthy pregnancy, AND unfortunately too often, also hunting, with a new baby in their arms, for a new home. Many of our Moms have other children, they need good schools, safe neighborhoods and a good home for their family. We desperately need Families Flourish to be successful and to grow, to provide opportunities for all our single parent households to help our next generation thrive in a healthy, stable environment. Thank you for all your work. Our city, and our Moms2B need you!
Dr. Kelly Kelleher, Pediatrician, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Families Flourish is a unique and potentially powerful approach to decreasing housing insecurity and improving child well-being. A Demonstration Project is needed to evaluate the effect on families and cost-effectiveness given the positive outcomes of the initial rollout.
Michael Kelley, a partner with Kelley Companies and a representative of the owners of Oakwood Management Company
Our participation has not only provided a positive experience for the program participants, it has provided our associates a unique employee experience and an opportunity to be involved with a very worthwhile cause. Oakwood is committed to making a positive difference in the greater Columbus community, and our partnership with Families Flourish enables us to put our values into action.
Lisa S. Courtice, President & CEO, United Way of Central Ohio
Families Flourish is a bold, innovative effort created to demonstrate that our community supports families who are seeking pathways to prosperity.  All children deserve equal access to the American dream of receiving quality education and becoming economically self-sufficient. Families Flourish makes this a reality by opening doors to opportunity.  United Way of Central Ohio endorses this initiative, one that promises to be a game changer.
Ann Bischoff, CEO, Star House
At Star House, we have the privilege of truly knowing young mothers who are living without stable housing. We know the stiff barriers to stability that they face.  We also know their talents and potential to overcome and thrive when given the right leg up. We are grateful to Families Flourish for being part of our community’s ongoing movement to prevent chronic homelessness. Their plan to provide temporary rental support and comprehensive coaching for mothers is exactly what we need to lift young families out of catch-22 situations and give them a chance to achieve stability in a safe neighborhood. 


How the Pilot Program Began.

The pilot program started with 10 families moving into their new homes in August 2018 and, due to COVID disruptions, ended in July 2022. The families all consisted of single mothers with 1-3 children in ages ranging from 2-12 at the start of the program.


Moms experienced an average increase of $17,000 or 58% in annual income since joining Families Flourish.

They experienced these results even though more than half experienced employment changes due to the pandemic. All had savings to assist them, and none missed a rent payment. All were engaged in enterprising activities to earn additional income.

I am at the same employer and have received several promotions.”
- Families Flourish Pilot Mom


Eight of the families stayed in their new neighborhoods and

100% were ready to take on rent without subsidy.

Five Families Flourish children, in their newer, healthier homes, have had

20 fewer emergency room visits per year, resulting in $30,000 annual healthcare savings.

Participating landlords estimated

savings of $800-$2,000 per unit annually in turnover costs.

Families Flourish Pilot Families Reflect on the Program

Pilot Families Offer Advice to Applicants

The Kids Are Alright