About Us

The mission of Families Flourish is to create a more equitable community for families by empowering them to achieve and succeed through a holistic support initiative.


Families Flourish empowers families to address their total needs over a 3-year period, reversing historic barriers by fostering greater inclusivity, equality, opportunity and access to housing, education, and family wellness.


Families Flourish helps communities embrace and create housing that is accessible to all. Parents are provided tools to improve life outcomes for themselves and their children through requisite programs. Life coaching focuses on financial literacy, life skills, job and career advancement, health and wellness, and access to quality education for children. Families are also provided tools to achieve financial capacity, housing stability and affordability through rent support.   


Families Flourish is about paving the way for success. Our results show 58%/$17,000 average increased income, 100+-point higher credit scores, health and wellness improvements, and kids thriving at grade level and above in their schools. At the end of the three years, families can access housing that fits their needs.

Why Do We Need Families Flourish?

By reversing historic barriers and fostering greater inclusivity, children, in even a few years before reaching age 13 can have positive long-term life outcomes.


Higher Incomes in Early Adulthood


Less Likely to be Teen Mothers and have a
70% Lower Risk of Severe Anxiety Disorders.


More Likely to Attend College


Higher Lifetime Earnings

*Chetty, R., Hendren, N., & Katz, L. F. (2016). The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children: New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment. American Economic Review, 106(4), 855–902

We pave the way for success, parents are provided tools to improve life outcomes for themselves and their children through participation in required programs and coaching, together with access to housing stability and affordability through rent support.

Why Do We Need Families Flourish?

Our Team

Amy Klaben

President & CEO

Tahtianna Alston

Social Services Manager

Portrait of Paige Bashaw
Paige Bashaw

Social Services Manager & Coach

Kathleen Fox

Building Inclusive Communities Coordinator & Landlord Outreach

Gabby Lane

Social Services Manager

Racheal Pack


Jamie Sager

Senior Program Director

Kassim Sindayiheruka

Development Coordinator

Hilary Skunda

Administrative Assistant

Shiloh Todorov

Development & Communications Director

Paiton Walker

Donor Outreach Coordinator

Evaluation Team

Jason Reece, PhD

Project Evaluator

Rachel G. Kleit, PhD

Program Committee Chair

Jee Young Lee, PhD

Research Associate

Nicole Thomas, PhD

Evaluation and Design

Coaching Team

Jonathan Bentley


Leslie Bowman


Kerstin Carr


Lavesea Clardy


Susan Colbert


Dr. Tina Diggs

Coach, Be Intentional LLC

Daphne Dodson


Lisa Everson


Phree Finney-Durham


Kathy Horack


Bri Marshall


Bridgette Mariea


Rob Mullins


Christina Ratleff


Kim Rice Wilson


Karissa Sharp


Gina Smith


Kellie Van Pelt


Deirdre Ward


Kelly Williamson


Julia Wiseman


Natalie Zimmerman


Board of Directors

Kim Campbell, Vice Chair
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Amy Klaben, President Co-Founder
Families Flourish
Jo Ann Quinif
Diamond Hill Capital Management
Carl Faller
Community Leader
Rachel Kleit, PhD
The Ohio State University
Precious Singo
Community Member
Lori Ann Feibel, Chair
Bexley City Council
Bob Long
Vision 1 Real Estate Advisors
Ernie Sullivan
Who’s Who Publishing Company
Brendan Foley, Treasurer
Community Volunteer
Antoine Matthews
The Robert Weiler Company
Tracie Cleveland Thomas
Kate Giller
Cutler Homes Realtor
James McDougal
KEMBA Financial Credit Union
Donna Wares
Huntington National Bank
Steve Heiser
SVN Wilson Commercial
Debbie Manos-McHenry
Community Volunteer
Jim Wilson
Partner, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP
Keith Jones, Secretary
Oakwood Management Company
Bonnie Milenthal
The Milenthal Group
Se Se Yennes
Azurity Pharmaceuticals
Cathy Presper
Community Volunteer