Give A Happy 2024

Nearly 40 families will start their Families Flourish journey in 2024. You can help them succeed with your year-end gift in 2023.

If you are philanthropically inclined and are planning to make year-end donations, please consider Families Flourish. Even if you are not philanthropically inclined, I hope you are moved to make a donation so other families can experience the profound impact as you can hear here.

You can give:

  • Online via credit or ACH
  • Via check to the address below
  • Through your donor-advised fund at The Columbus Foundation, Jewish Foundation, Catholic Foundation or Fidelity, Schwab or Vanguard
  • Via your IRA

Ask your employer if they’ll match your gift, too!

Thank you for your consideration. Your investment would help about 40 new families have a much brighter 2024 by being welcomed into our program.