Your Pledge Makes A Difference

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By Donating.

It takes just under $6,600 to provide support for one individual for one year in our program
Here are ways you can directly invest in a family’s life:

Community Champion $38,400

Your gift underwrites the housing support, coaching, programs, and new horizons for two families for a full year. Pledge for three years and help two families complete the program and graduate to economic stability.

Family Champion $19,200

You can help provide a home, a coach, and lift up a family for 12 months.

Children’s Champ $12,600

Support the kids in one family for one year.

Family Hero $8,250

The support of a dedicated coach is the heart of the Families Flourish program to end the cycle of poverty for good. Support a family’s coaching and programming for one year.

Family Friend $6,600

Families Flourish provides temporary rental support for families with children. Underwrite one year’s worth of a safe and healthy home.

Family Supporter $2,500

Children who live in stable households in higher resourced neighborhoods experience positive lifetime outcomes. Pay a child’s rent for one year.

Family Neighbor $1,300

Families Flourish families participate in monthly programming to support their journey to economic stability. Help pay for a month’s programming for our families.

Family Advocate $500

One family, one month in a stable, safe and secure home – you make it happen with your gift.

Coaching Champ $250

Coaching builds confidence, creates compassionate accountability, and helps make a family’s dreams real.

Hopscotch Days $50

FF kids in their new, safe communities can play outdoors-a new experience for some of our kids.

Family Ambassador

Every dollar helps a family access our program. You choose the
level to give once or give more by donating monthly.

Our families are making a three-year commitment for their kids by moving to a new neighborhood and participating in Families Flourish.
We encourage you to choose a level above to which you can commit to give three years in a row.